A typical business may require different skills and expertise at different times, BUT NOT PERMANENTLY

This is why many Boards of Directors and Business Executives are recognising the value of the Interim Manager as a key part of their resourcing strategy.

By contracting for a given period of time or per project, as it arises, a business is able to dip into a skills and experience pool and find the right person for that job, without having to make a long term commitment or pay for time not spent on the job.

Interim managers typically cover unexpected gaps in the senior organisation structure, transitional resourcing and specific project needs that arise from time to time.

This means that using particular individuals for specific projects is both cost effective and efficient.

By selecting an interim manager you can fit the resource to the task, where as buying resource from management consultants you very often pay for the expert but get the trainee.

Amain Ltd offer the following services in Interim and Financial Management

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